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Kim Trimmer, M.Ed. E-RYT
Owner, Teacher, InsideOut Yoga
Creator, Realize Your Radiance
8016 Dayton Avenue North | Seattle, WA 98103
206 992 4808

My grandpa used to say he “came from the school of hard knocks”. Realize Your Radiance certainly has those roots. Being repeatedly stunned and saddened by the degree to which my talented, beautiful, amazing friends and colleagues undermined their own talent, beauty and amazement motivated me to confront this habit in myself and to support others in doing the same. The Buddha talks about “this precious human birth”. When I consider how much of my precious human birth I’ve wasted with self-doubt and recrimination, it makes me want to weep. Realize Your Radiance’s message is . . . NO MORE; no more will we tolerate this behavior in ourselves or in others. The time has come, women are needed to be and contribute all that we are, all that we have. This will heal the world.


Why You Need Poetry Now:  Your Radiant Voice!

Libby Wagner
poet, author, speaker
& business consultant
216 First Avenue S., Suite 331 | Seattle, WA 98104
206 316 2567


Sometimes what we need to stand in our own luminosity is to let go of the conversation we are currently having in order to embrace the invitation of our bright horizon.  More than anything, poetry speaks to an exhausted world, a place where we are bombarded with images, ideas and suggestions that we move faster, fragment, disengage.  But the faster we move, the worse it gets. Its’ counterintuitive to think that slowing down to read or write a poem might connect you with something deeply human and necessary, a well from which to draw for your ordinary days.  Join Libby Wagner, poet and business advisor as she shares an inspiring message and performance about how poetry makes everything accessible and anything possible.

Libby Wagner, poet, author and speaker, is one of the only former poetry professors warmly invited into the boardroom.  Libby is a trusted advisor for presidents, CEO’s and executive directors, and her work has shaped the cultures of numerous Fortune 500 clients, including The Boeing Company, Nike, Philips, SAP, Diageo and Costco.  An award-winning faculty member, Libby holds a Masters of Fine Arts in Poetry and is a graduate of the prestigious Million Dollar Consulting College® –a perfect symbiosis for the poet pragmatist. She was honored as a finalist for the 2014 Nellie Cashman Woman Business Owner of the Year and has been quoted in the New York Times and The Harvard Business Review. Her monthly column, “The Culyure Coach” is a fantastic resource for thousands of business owners in the retail industry.  She has also served as a featured guest blogger for numerous online publications, including Business2Community.com, HerCircleEzine.com, WomenGrowBusiness.com.  She si the author of the Amazon best-seller, The Influencing Option: The Art of building a Profit Culture in Business, poetry collections Like This, Like That, and Somehow, as well as the forthcoming poetry-music compilation Harvest.


Breakout Session 1

 The Energy of Eating

Robin Maynard-Dobbs
Aware Eating Personal Coaching and Hypnotherapy for Women
322 NW 103rd St . | Seattle, WA 98177
206 789 1764



After being around certain people, do you find yourself diving into ice cream? Are you especially sensitive? Discover how you may be using food in an unconscious attempt to buffer negative energy. Get your power back by learning 5 strategies to cope with negativity without using food.

Robin Maynard-Dobbs is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, and founder of Aware Eating™, helping women overcome obsession with food for the past 23 years.

Tae Kwon Do: Facing Your Fears Head On

Sandy Marshall
Business Analyst/Trainer
4718 140th St SE | Snohomish, WA 98296


What are you afraid of? Are you avoiding interesting challenges because you don’t think you’ll succeed. Are you familiar with the quote: “Crisis is an opportunity riding on a dangerous wind.?”

Sandy Marshall is a speaker and trainer with 15 years of experience, but she wasn’t always this confident. Her story of an opportunity that allowed her to face her fears, try new things, and succeed, will inspire you to do the same in your own life.

The Map is NOT the Territory: Updating Your Map of Reality

Andrea C. Skelly, PhD, MPH
Well-being and energy coach, hypnotist, mentor, scientist
612 Kirkland Avenue | Kirkland WA 98033
425 753 4125


Our internal “map of reality” influences how we view ourselves and our world.  We each process information in unique ways to create that map and it influences how we feel, act and react…even our belief in ourselves. Tapping into our processes with guided relaxation allows us to update our maps and align with what we want in life.
 Dr. Skelly has over 20 years experience in empowering people by helping them get in touch with their inner resources.

Breakout Session 2

 Creating A Radiant Marriage from the Inside Out

Lisa Rezac
Business Owner, Facilitator
Seattle WA
917 816 3731

Do you find you and your partner going over the same arguments again and again?  Do you feel frustrated that this is not what you dreamed married life should be?  When we look to the other person to change or listen better and they don’t, it leaves us feeling powerless or reactive.  There is no single answer for a new and improved relationship but shifting the context is a start.

In this session we will begin to unravel some of the habitual thoughts and feelings we have about our relationships.  We will also see how to open up the communication lines in a way that doesn’t leave our partner running for the hills. We will look at the one true relationship we have control over and that is the one with ourselves.

Lisa Rezac facilitates programs and team building events to improve communication, collaboration and relationship skills.  She is passionate about improving relationships and does so through her humor, honesty and compassion.

Align Your Design For Success

HS-Kris copy2

Kris Prochaska, MA    
Intuitive Consultant & Coach | Bend OR
425  890 1187


You have a unique design Human + Soul Design. In this workshop you will learn:

  • the 6 keys to your personal design that unlock your fastest path to success.
  • how to make more money with much less effort.
  • how to stop second-guessing yourself.
  • and how to end ‘circular thinking’ so you can take powerful action.

Once a therapist, now an author, coach and consultant, Kris uses her intuitive insight, diagnostic skills, and business savvy to help her clients align their energy, gifts and purpose with their business and leadership model

Seeing is Believing: Your Home as a Source of Love, Hope, and Happiness


Rebecca West
Interior Designer, Environmental Coach
& Author
206 465 4825

Homes that are inviting and personal make it easier to be joyful, generous, and tolerant. Houses that feel crowded, impersonal, and uninviting drain our energy and make it harder to face life’s challenges with faith and optimism. No matter what our level of wealth, we can’t help but be influenced by what surrounds us. Learn to see obstacles to satisfaction in your home, and how to eliminate them.

Since 2007 Rebecca West has helped people navigate transitions like empty nesting, divorce, remarriage, etc. by transforming their homes to align with the newest chapter in their lives.

Breakout Session 3

 Heroic Women Unite!

Debby Handrich
Holistic Life Coach, College Writing Instructor, and Talk Show Host
Life Mastery Radio, P.O. Box 5205 | Everett, WA  98206
206 465 5429

Women share common roles as well as beliefs.  We are moms, executives, teachers, crafters, volunteers, artists, wives, yogi’s, runners, cooks…and we are uniquely powerful!  Yet our unconscious beliefs may be “running the show.” Today, we will cultivate new beliefs and re-claim our radiant identities!

After teaching college writing for 20 years, Debby answered a spiritual calling—to guide women through their heroic journeys.  She draws on 12-steps, metaphysics, and psychology as well as the power of story to help women transcend the past and believe in their true Self.

Sweet Tooth Therapy!
Understanding Cravings and Finding Sweet Solutions

Mary Purdy, MS, RDN
1348 NE 68th St | Seattle, WA 98115
206 455 4149


Have a sweet tooth? Who doesn’t? Sweets have long been a way for us to comfort ourselves and provide an easy-to-breakdown source of energy. No wonder we tend towards sugar and carbs! In this workshop we’ll look at what you can do to help understand those cravings and offer ideas that will help you to tap into the healthy radiant woman that lies within. It’s not about never having sweets again, it’s about figuring out the reasons behind the cravings, finding balance, and having delicious alternatives for some of our favorite “go-tos”.

Mary is a clinical nutritionist in private practice at Bastyr Center for Natural Health, presents wellness workshops to businesses all over Seattle and is an adjunct professor at Bastyr University.

Believe in the Power of Your Story


Michelle Mazur, Ph.D.
CEO of Communication Rebel  & Head Speech Designer
3924 Whitman Ave N #20 | Seattle, WA 98103
206 909 6363

Our stories have the power to engage, inspire, and motivate our sisters to action. Too many women underestimate their story and think no one will care because “I’m just a mom” or  “I’m just an {insert your occupation here]”.  Michelle will help you discover the power of your story and show you how to share it so that you can make a difference.

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