Re-Thinking Beauty

To my mind, beauty is a misrepresented concept. If you listen to the media, it belongs to svelte youth with “perfect” skin and hair (though none so perfect that a little airbrushing is not due). When I consider the people I find beautiful, it has so little to do with these characteristics and so much to do with a radiance that shines out from within, because of who they are, what they contribute to the world and how they treat themselves and others.

Almost every woman I know struggles with self-consciousness about her body and sometimes completely loathes it. It’s as if this body that serves us so well in so many miraculous ways is an object to be deprived and cut and exercised into submission – submission to some idealized and usually unrealistic image.

When our energies are wrapped up in self-criticism, it takes away from our sharing of our gifts and talents, our dreams, and of living life fully and in this moment.  To me this is a great loss. I aim to shift this entire conversation. I believe when each of us lives from the inside out and is doing what’s most meaningful to us, we’ll see beauty everywhere we look.

Realize Your Radiance originated as a 6-week group, in which we use yoga, meditation, journaling and readings from various authors to heal body image and food issues.

In 2007, I created Realize Your Radiance as an event so that more women would have the experience of coming to a place where they’re not just accepted but celebrated for exactly who they are right in the moment – not after losing 10 pounds or quitting smoking or whitening her teeth but this woman right now exactly as she is. Our commitment is that each woman leaves the event knowing that the world is more beautiful because she is in it.

This, our Seventh Realize Your Radiance, will be held at the Center for Urban Horticulture on May 10, 2014. We once again have a varied and amazing line-up of presentations, including:

  • If All We Need is Love, Why Do We Have So Much Stuff? – Rebecca West, Interior Designer and Environmental Coach will talk about ways to re-imagine your home and send you off with practical tools for creating the home environment of your dreams.
  • Grace-Filled Ambition: The Inside Out Path to Meaningful Success – Presented by Molly Gordon, Life and Business Coach
  • Body Positivity Yoga – Lisa Papez will be describing her path to self-acceptance and creating of her own style of yoga.
  • Plus many more – the day includes two keynote presentations and three breakout sessions as well as a delicious lunch.

This day really has something for every woman. People often have a hard time choosing just one presenter in each of the breakout session. Please join us.

Breakout sessions are filled first come-first served. And our early bird registration discount ends on April 25 so register soon at

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